Ecstasies Teresa



A groupshow at alte Münze

Curated by Julius Studio

24.03 - 29.03 | 2018




We are first welcomed to the underground space in the twin rooms, resonant with unseen voices and coloured light. Immersed in humidity, plants imprisoned and attached to the machines sing along with colourful geothermal material. With their heavy metal doors, brass locks and hidden iron mesh gates, diverse scenarios are protected in the three vaults, where the treasures of time passed were once stored. Scraps of sculpture and recycled tunics, masks and ambiguous material occupy the dark interstices and in-between spaces of these heavily fortified compartments. In the central vault is collected the volatile material of the landscape and its constituent elements, where the quality of lightness accumulates. Facing this triad of monumental safes and looking into the dark corridor, five niches preserve a sample of interior objects that refer to immobility. Guided by the green smell of lubricating oils, we then enter the machinery room with its complex interweaving of old pipes running along the wall and the ceiling, which become the canvas for a light installation. In this place, between a crypt for rituals and a museum not yet restored, the attempt is made, once again, to transform shit into gold. Blessed are the eyes that see.

St. Teresa of Avila, mystic and reformer of Catholic spirituality, lived and worked during the Siglo de Oro, a period marked by major historical events and profound transformations. At the age of 62, Teresa wrote what is considered her masterpiece, ‘The Inner Castle’, in which she refers to the seven inner dwellings, an itinerary of the soul’s personal and spiritual growth. Inspired by her intimate writings and her room in Avila´s Carmelite monastery, the exhibition adapts and reinvents the ecstasies of Teresa, evoking and grounding them in the vaults of the Alte Münze.




Erik Andersen
Davide Gennarino
Zoe Goldstein
Miriam Lenk
Olaf Schirm
Zuzanna Skiba
Selou Sowe
Saverio Tonoli Adamo
Juan Varela
Wu Chi-Tsung


Evening Program

OPENING Saturday, 24.03.2018  17h-22h

Aural – Plant sonification live performance. Aural will open the space firstly installing and exposing the real plant-signal-sound, raw and pure, to let the visitors interact and realize. During the performance the sounds will evolve into a deep, immersive meditative and interactive soundscape.

Raphaël Faure | Zoe Goldstein – Performative sculptures

FINISSAGE Thursday, 29.03.2018  18h-22h

Performance program curated by Tatwerk | Performative Forschung

Martina Bertoni & Munsha – Cellos concert. 2 cellists stroke cello strings, broider dialogues without words, blend warm voices with feedback and produce strange sounds in strange ways. Martina Bertoni and Munsha’s concert is an impulsive performance for unforeseeable cellos, elusive echoes and boundless fascination.

Richard Gonlag – forest/machine/slaughterhouse-prayer (Part 3) Slaughterhouse by Mehdi Moradpour | Music: Munsha feat. Dennis Depta. A carnal anthem, a sensuous song of praise, a testosterone-filled accusation, an ode, a litany, a prayer for her/him/it.

Yuko Kaseki & Marion Steinfellner – Extatic Vision. "think of it, that you just have one soul, that you just die once and that your life is short and this your life is special and precious..." Based on the philosophy and life of the feminist Teresa von Avila, who celebrates on the 28th of March, her 503 birthday.



The Alte Münze is a historic area in the vicinity of the Alexanderplatz which offers space for creative artists, companies and rental for various formats. The buildings in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Berlin are characterized by a lively mix of uses and stand for innovative conversion of historic city spaces for a diverse forward-looking urban society.

JULIUS Studio is invited by the Spreewerkstätten to curate an exhibition in the vault of Berlin’s former Mint, the Alte Münze, situated in the building’s 500 m² underground cellar. The vault’s architecture, organized in a series of enclosed compartments, allows the possibility to develop a unique narration through the space. Each of the invited artists will occupy and re-imagine a part of the cellar to create a unique installation. The exhibition, Ecstasies Teresa, aims to generate an ecstatic, contemplative experience of this very particular setting in dialogue with its already evocative potential.



images © Julius studio